Welcome to StenoSource, LLC

StenoSource, LLC, is a full-service court reporting agency providing the legal communities of Bucks, Philadelphia, Montgomery and Lehigh Counties an unrivaled and competitive work product. Our firm is located in Newtown, Pennsylvania, hosting depositions at the Bucks County Bar Association and the Bucks County Courthouse, in Doylestown, Pennsylvania.

Since the mid-1980s, the court-reporting industry has been revolutionized by the innovative technology of Computer-Aided Transcription (CAT) software. Gone are the days where the rudimentary tools required to produce a transcript were a typewriter, a reel-to-reel tape recorder, onionskin with carbon paper, and volumes of diverse reference books. Unbeknownst to stenographers at the time, the process of dictating raw steno notes for a typist to produce the written word was tedious, time-consuming, and restricted the end-user to one format of transcript. With the dawn of CAT technology and its ever-evolving advances, coupled with Internet searching and electronic communication, preparation of the notes of testimony has been streamlined, concurrently creating adept and savvy reporters prepared to meet the technological challenges of our field.

“StenoSource is my “go-to” provider for court reporter/transcription services. This is not only highly competent service with a smile, but reliable, user-friendly, dependable service where I need it most. There is already enough to keep track of in litigation matters, and with StenoSource in place for pre-trial discovery, I know I have one less item to be concerned about.”
Joseph A. Chellew, Esquire
Managing Partner, Weber, Kracht & Chellew

Certified Court Reporters

StenoSource, LLC, has mobilized a team of such talented certified court reporters, equipped with state-of-the-art writers and CAT software, to collaborate with our clients in the discovery process, insuring an accurate, expeditious and cost-effective record. StenoSource, LLC, reports in all forums, depositions, municipal/preliminary hearings and arbitrations, and is able to arrange for videography, interpreter, or real-time services on your behalf. We invite you to peruse our Professional Services page for a comprehensive menu of ancillary offerings.

Recognizing the significance and gravity of an accurate record vis a vis litigation management, StenoSource, LLC, is committed to the art of verbatim reporting, guaranteeing professional and courteous service to all our clients. StenoSource, LLC, encourages you to avail yourself of our Schedule Online application and aspires to cultivating rewarding business relationships within the legal communities we serve.